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Product Integrity

Real-time Pulp & Ambient Temperature Monitoring

Our device is constantly monitoring, allowing you to know if your product is within your desired parameters, helping reduce claims and spoilage.

Location Monitoring

Knowing the location of your shipment allows you to better manage your schedule and increase efficiency during transit with real time access to the loads location. With our 24/7 alert monitoring system, you can be contacted by email or text if a shipment is not able to make its delivery window.

Seal Integrity

Protect the integrity of your product by knowing if the door seal is compromised. Immediate notications of unauthorized access ensures the product’s integrity.

Simply Smart

Low Cost

LoadTrak allows you to be in the drivers seat of savings. The multi-deployment design allows you to reuse the device, driving down the cost of in transit monitoring.

Customizable Notifications

Monitor your loads in real time through our web-based interface. User-friendly, customizable, alerts help you identify and solve potential issues quickly. Each alert is unique and based on the settings you choose. Receive alerts for temperature, exceeding thresholds, geo fences, arrivals, departures, seal integrity, and more.

User-Friendly Platform

The LoadTrak platform is completely web-based and is accessible from any device. View location, temperature, direction, and more at a glance.